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Ethic has become a fashionable word these days. According to the Oxford Dictionary, ethics is “the study of standards of conduct and moral judgement”.

There are Ethic Commissions everywhere earning good money to save us in our completely unethical world.

In Switzerland they have probably given up trying to save people and animals because the Ethical Commission here has now moved on to plants.

They say plants have a dignity that needs to be protected,and are discussing what ethical position we must take in this.

So, up until a decision is made please don’t pick the Daisies.


Comments on: "Do Flowers Have Dignity?" (4)

  1. There is a certain dignity to plants but I’m not sure if that means we shouldn’t pick flowers. I look forward to hearing the decision on this one.

  2. Gosh, so they think we’ll do better with plants?
    Just when I thought the world can’t get any more silly.
    Yes, don’t pick Daisies but drive your car to the corner store……

  3. What about traditions? Picking flowers is something people have done for thousands of years. But then again, Little Red Ridding Hood would not have gotten into troubles, if picking flowers had been prohibited.

  4. Hi Leafless,
    There are things for and against picking wild flowers.For example the beautiful bluebell woods in England where I picked flowers as a child can hardly be found anymore because the bluebells have been picked so much.

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