A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

For such a small country Switzerland certainly has a knack at getting themselves into trouble.
Or maybe I should say our women do.

Only last month our Foreign Ministerin,Micheline Calmy-Rey,took a trip to Iran,donned a head scarf and shook hands on a deal with their President to supply us in future with enough natural gas to keep us warm in Winter. Just in case the Russians play around with their tap,she said.
The Swiss didn’t like the head scarf,and the USA and Israel didn’t like the deal.
“When in Rome” she said about the scarf.
It seems now we weren’t the only country to do business with the Iranians,but at least she did it openly and with charm.

Carla Del Ponte is at the moment Swiss Ambassadress to the Argentine.
It won’t be for long, if a lot of men in our Parliament have their way.
She opened her mouth to wide,not at all the done thing in the Diplomatic Corps, she even wrote it down and believe it or not published it.

In case you have not heard of her before,Carla Del Ponte was the Chief Prosecutor of the War Crimes Tribunal for Ex-Yugoslavia in Den Haag. Netherlands.
She saw and heard of unbelievable atrocities towards mankind during the the civil war.
But there was no atonement.The war criminals are still there.

It must have been impossible for her to come to terms with it all. She has now written a book.
“The Hunt. I and the War Criminals.
She was forbidden by the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs to attend the presentation of her book,

A delicate diplomatic situation,especially as she among other things, accused the Kosovo Rebel Army UCK (members of which are now leading Kosovo) of trading with the organs of people in their hands.
and found the cooperation of Serbia and Kroatia with the Tribunal after the war insufficient.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is calling for her resignation.

Is it just that women allow their emotions to run away with them,that sometimes their hearts rule their heads.
Or is it that women are less afraid then men to say what they think.
Maybe they are just more honest.

If I were an American Citizen I think Hillary Clinton would get my vote.


Comments on: "Carla Del Ponte And Other Outspoken Women" (4)

  1. Yes I do think that there aren’t enough women in politics. Trouble is ‘outspokenness’ of female politicians is often labeled as incompetence whereas with male counterparts we call them gutsy.

  2. Absolutely,and when I think about it we had quite a few “Incompetent” women here that the men pushed out.

  3. I think female politicians are more open and honest. Unfortunately that double standard still exists where if a man says what he thinks he’s labelled in a positive way as a ‘straight shooter’ but a woman (in politics) is branded as a ‘B**ch.’ I think it’s a shame. I do believe women have the power to make the world a better place!

  4. So do I Selma. Would you believe it, here men are payed more money for doing exactly the same job as a woman.There was a referendum concerning it a few years back,didn’t alter anything though.

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