A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Those of you that read my post “Prinsengracht 263” will know that I am moved by the story of Anne Frank.

13 year old Isabela Castillo as Anne Frank

For weeks Anne Franks picture has been smiling from the posters in Madrid,Spain.

“El diario de Ana Frank:Un canto a la vida”

On Thursday the Anne Frank musical opened at the Teatro Caldéron, sponsered by the U.S Ice Cream Manufactures Haagen Dazs.

It was hailed as a “moving show for the whole family”.

There are no Mugs or T Shirts for sale.

Anne Frank as a Musical? Should that be?


Comments on: "The Musical “The Diary of Anne Frank”" (6)

  1. Good question. If it’s too make sure people don’t forget and it’s done without mugs and t-shirts, well why not?

    By the way, good work on the new presentation. Me likes!

  2. It depends on how it’s done, I suppose. I do think, though, that her story could be beautifully dramatized with music, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t. I’m looking forward to hearing your reaction. (Are you going to see it?)

  3. Thankyou Spaz.Not too sure I like it but a change is as good as a rest.

  4. Nice that you looked in Lilly. I was of course rather shocked at first over the musical,rather like I was in Thailand last autumn as I saw all the souvenirs and food stands by the bridge over the River Kwai.But if it all helps young people to be aware of the atrocities of that awfull war and never let it happen again I am sure those concerned wouldn’t mind at all.

  5. hoiiiiiii !!!

  6. I have been moved by Anne Frank’s story too and so have numerous other people. The thing is, the world needs to know what war really beens beyond the battlefield. Anne Frank is the voice of one girl who did nothing to deserve what she got. No matter how justified a cause, how bitter and ancient an enimity, no one has the right to treat people in such inhuman ways. Everyone is not fond of reading. Musicals and movies can reach out to a far wider audience. Thus it becomes a noble cause in itself.

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