A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Monika Schmid is head of the Catholic Community in the town that I live.

A Woman. It is difficult to find enough Catholic Priests these days in a country where half the population is Catholic.

Maybe people can’t believe in the preachings of the Catholic Church any more. In a five minute TV programme which runs just after the main news and before the evening peak viewing starts on a Saturday, representatives of the religious communities in the German speaking part of Switzerland alternately are asked to talk on some theme for thought on Sunday.
Monika Schmid was chosen lately, and she had the courage to sock it to 630’000 viewers in a true Harper Valley P.T.A. manner.

Based on the latest scandal in which yet again a Catholic Priest had abused a child and had been “hidden” by the Church in a small out of the way Parish.

Frau Schmid found it unbelievable that Priests who break the rules of celibacy must leave the Church and others that sexually abuse young boys are at least for a time hidden and may continue their role in a Parish. It was no wonder that the Church had fewer followers.

She was of course summoned to an audience with her Bishop.

I would say a woman was needed in the Vatican.


Comments on: "Civil Courage in the Catholic Church. A woman speaks up." (4)

  1. Put the original Church of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church side by side and see what do they have in common. Nothing.

  2. I think you missed the source of the problem. The solution is to put someone in the Vatican who trusts God and is willing to dedicate his life to serving Him.

    Christ calls us to submit to the law of the land unless it violates our faith. (Such as when Daniel refused to bow before other gods.) Clearly our faith does not include pedophilia, hence the church should not be hiding anyone from the laws in this area.

    Priests of the church are called to be exemplary. Clearly anyone engaging in this sort of practice has failed to live by example and should not continue in a position of leadership.

    Leaders who cover up problems are not the kind of people who believe that all things work together for good. They are the kind of people who fear the world and loss of power.

    May the Lord bless Monika and give her the courage to continue speaking up; and the love to speak with kindness and strength.

  3. Good morning Miguel,
    For me the most important component in any Religion or Philosophy is the wish to live in a world of tolerance and peace,where no person or creature is made to suffer at the hands of others. Unfortunately wishful thinking in this world.

  4. Sayonara Japan,
    Yes,you are right of course. I still can’t help wondering though whether women fit more into the role of an exemplary,because of their natural maternal instincts,and there have been and are several women leaders in politics who havn’t been frightened to speak up. Why not in the Churches.

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