A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Since the scales in my local medical man’s practice pointed out lately that I had actually put on 8 kilos in weight since I stopped going to work in March I have realised I must start being cruel to myself. It probably doesn’t seem too alarming, I now weigh 66 kg at a height of 5′ 8″. But I know………….

° 1 overweight kilo is equal to the weight of 8 kilos on the knee joints.( x8!)
° I have a wardrobe full of expensive trousers that I can’t get into.

° My favourite food, cakes,pastries,chocolate are just not healthy.

° And that there are tens of other reasons why we shouldn’t eat to kill either ourselves or animals.
° That I must do something about it.

Luckily a friend phoned soon after to ask me whether I would like to go to a talk by a nutritionist and natural health practitioner,who had cured something that she was suffering with by rearranging her eating habits. And that when our colleagues in white coats were already sharpening their knives.

I went along open minded but sceptical.

The practitioner herself was underweight and you could see it. Her husband, also there, didn’t have a pound to much and neither did most of the sixty people in the audience, a lot of them her patients.

She told us she had been diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis at the age of twenty one with the prognosis of being in a wheel chair at thirty five,she was now fifty two, and since she changed her way of eating completely, about ten years ago,she had never had a relapse. She didn’t say what if any medication she was taking.

Her audience were each given an unpeeled almond nut and told to chew it 40 times before swallowing, as not chewing properly was the first sin we all commit. Not breathing deeply enough the second, and not drinking enough the third.

And so it went on ,but I must say it sounded very feasible.

We must listen more to our bodies, and if we have a craving for a certain food then we should eat it because the damage is worse if we don’t, stress caused by declining a bodily wish is the greater of the two evils. But keep the portion small,and if the temptation comes too frequently chew it but spit it out before you swallow it.!

I don’t like meat much so I would have no trouble in giving that up, apart from feeling it not necessary to breed and keep animals in so we can eat them. Non red meat would be allowed in small quantities,but then you must eat nothing else for the rest of the day that isn’t cooked because meat stays in the stomach for twelve hours and would prove too strenuous for the digestion. Cow milk isn’t good for the digestive system and arteries. If we were meant to drink milk after baby age women’s bodies would have been made differently.Cow milk protein(Kasein) when mixed with calcium proves almost indissoluble in our stomachs and clogs all arteries and veins. We can get all the proteins we need from other sources we were told. –And I just love jogurt and Welsh Rarebit made with a good slashing of butter on the toast. Bread if it is not gluten free is also a no go, thing to say nothing of cakes etc. made out of wheat flour. Gluten glues the intestines together.! Chocolate is still O K when it is made of 100% Cocoa.

Our sweeteners should be honey,dates and raw cane sugar,dried fruit and bananas. Other sugar products,Cola,Sweetened Ice Tea,Lemonade etc. damages the flora of the intestines,apart from poisoning the nerves and ruining teeth.

Depending on weight drink 2 to 3 liters of fluid,water,tea,fresh fruit and vegetable juice daily. Drink before meals and not during or after.

If possible don’t eat carbohydrates and proteins together in the same meal.

Coffee and spirits? forget them,but a glass of wine is tolerated.

OK so I didn’t really come out a freshly baked Vegan,but it all made a lot of sense.

I have tried to keep to some of the rules and haven’t had any real cravings.( I did eat a small Brownie that someone brought to Art Classes yesterday)

I’m telling myself I must be a bit healthier, and my trousers aren’t quite as tight as they were two weeks ago.

Why don’t you try it for Lent

Illustration,thanks to istockphoto.com


Comments on: "Food to free you in Lent" (2)

  1. Spaz said:

    First week worked fine, headaches like mad only trouble is I couldn’t figure out if it was work stress or the fact that I only had veggies/fruits/nuts and soy and cut all sugar with only drinking water or herbal tea. My juicer broke down, ordered a masticating one online, read that they are much better than centrifugal one (yes, I know you said that but I did some more reading), can’t wait to get it.
    Kept a food journal, that is motivating as well.
    This week is a disaster, mostly because I am not having any fun at work and am just plain grumpy. Ate way too much today at lunch and yesterday I had two small slices of (healthy but still) Pizza with cheese.
    Will restart tomorrow.
    Daily ginger piece and fresh ginger tea has kept me from catching any of the office flus.
    More later.

  2. Congratulations.
    In all diets you must keep your blood glucose levels up or you will get headaches and cravings. A little piece of dark chocolate in a date helps.Eat lots of varied cooked vegatables,like sweet potatoes,parsnips,celeriac,that will give you carbohydrates too.Don’t neglect small portions of glutenfree cereal like Buckwheat,or Risotto made of various compatible grains. Intake of fruit and veggies should be equal,and both eaten with lots of things containing chlorophyll,like parsley or ruccola.
    Grapefruit is said to wash arteries through and burn fat. I make bread out of glutenfree flour,maybe somone has a recipe for Pizza dough. Good luck and keep trying

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