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On Muffins again

A kind fellow Blogger gave me some good advice on how to make Muffins. Although I say it myself I’m quite a good cook,but I still can’t make Muffins.

I took his advice and started out once more on the Muffin adventure,being quite sure he was right,I was mixing the ingredients to much.

There are hundreds of recipes for them in the net, but considering what I had in the kitchen decided New York State Apple Muffins were the best choice.

I can hear a few of you thinking I should have stuck to a plainer variety and you would be right. To me cups of things are a bit of a problem,being used to grams or ounces,and I ended up with much to much mixture and not enough tins.
I don’t have a Kitchen Aid type of mixer,I depend usually on elbow grease or an electric hand mixer which has served it’s purpose till now.

I took his advice and made the first batch just mixing the wet and dry ingredients with a spoon until they were combined.

In the oven they went,and out they came twenty minutes later hardly risen.!

The remaining mixture which had had to wait for a vacant place in the tin was by this time much softer,so I mixed it a bit more and baked that too.They rose a little higher. The rest of the mixture that had been made about 40 minutes previously was by now fairly fluid, probably due to the apples, so I took my electric mixer out and mixed it for a couple of minutes until it was like a normal cake mixture. Into the tins it went,and would you believe it, the muffins came out looking tasting and feeling like muffins.

Now I did something wrong there,and I still don’t really know what. Could it be that American all purpose flour is self raising like most of it is in the UK and I had been using plain flour with just baking soda.? Or should I stick to good old British Fairy Cakes.


Comments on: "On Muffins again" (4)

  1. Spaz said:

    Haha, you know what they say: Practise makes perfect!
    Feel for the poor stomachs though who will have to live through the ‘experiment’ phases 😉 .

  2. If you’re using just baking soda (not baking powder), you’ll need an acid to activate it—buttermilk, apple juice (I think), or the like.

    At least the experiment produced a couple of fine muffins. 🙂

  3. Hi Spaz
    Glad you are still alive and kicking.I would be eating the ones from Tom Hortons too if I lived where you do.

  4. Hello Leisure Guy,
    Thanks for telling me that.I have no experience with baking soda except when making Gingerbread. It must have been the apple juice in the last batch that did the trick.I am going to try some more of the mouth watering
    recipes anyway.

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