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I can’t make Muffins.

There must be some kind of trick to making muffins that I don’t know about because mine just don’t turn out like those delicious, light, stick to the top of your mouth type that I recently ate at Tim Hortons’ Cafes in Canada.

Actually I prefer their Doughnuts, Boston Cream to be precise,but I would never even dream of trying to make those. (did you know that these are also the ones preferred by British Army clients in the Tom Hortons’ Shop that the Canadians run in Afghanistan)

But muffins can’t be so difficult. Is it because I make mine with milk, instead of buttermilk which is difficult to get hold of in Switzerland that they aren’t like the ones in Tim Hortons.

If anyone out there can give me a foolproof recipe I would be eternally grateful.


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  1. The trick with muffins is to stir together the wet and dry ingredients BRIEFLY—not until they’re mixed, but stopping before they’re fully mixed. Try making a batch (of 6, say): stir VERY briefly, then use that batter to make 2 muffins; stir a bit more, just until mixed, and use that batter to make 2 more; then stir it well, and use that batter to make the final 2. Bake and compare.

  2. Well I would never have thought it could be because of that.I will definately try out your suggestion.Thankyou.
    Nice to hear from you,hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. Dominic von Tribo is so glad we are back from Canada he can’t stop purring,didn’t even attempt to ignore us like he usually does.

  3. I’ll be interested to know how it works. We had a good Xmas and New Year, and things have settled back to normal.

    Some cookbooks have photos of muffin batter correctly mixed and overmixed so you can see.

  4. Yes I’ll definately let you know.Would you mind if I put your name on my Blogroll? I find your Blog one of the most interesting and helpful around.The idea of your new cook book is quite genial because mostly it’s the little hints in the kitchen which lead to success in cooking.

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