A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

As regular readers of my blog know I struggle with my watercolour painting. I now have a new inspiration.

My Idol of the sixties. The bad boy, the music maker, the singer, the poet, that particular spirit of those years also paints in watercolour!

The German press agency report that the art collection of the city of Chemnitz, (once DDR) are showing 140 water colour and gouache paintings from the musician in their latest exhibition.

When asked why Bob Dylan chose Chemnitz for his premier,they said, “Nobody had asked him before”

I’m off to get a ticket.


Comments on: "Bob Dylan the Artist" (4)

  1. Tom Awtry said:

    You understand we’re expecting digital pictures via your blog upon your return home – OK?

    Also while you’re in that neck of the woods, take a read of this:

    Leonardo’s “Last Supper” Goes HiDef Online
    CBS News

    Can’t get to Milan to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece? All you need is an Internet connection, and you can view the 15th century wall painting at 16 billion pixels.


    I know it’s not water color, but I’d still like to see it in person!

    Take Care,

  2. Hi Tom
    Digital pictures! Why do you think my blog is so boring.
    I have figured out my digital camera,but I’m still sruggling with the computer.
    One good thing about living in the middle of Europe is,the close proximity to so many works of art. Will definately check out “The last supper” again. Especially after reading Dan Brown.

  3. The man is multi-talented. Never seen his pictures, but I often sit here listening to his music.
    He often takes me back …

  4. Hello Anthony,
    And his words still have meaning today.
    Some say he is a genius. He definately influenced music with his lyrics and sound like no one else of these times,(you might disagree) but he wouldn’t let himself be influenced.
    I managed to see him two years ago in Zürich during his Never Ending Tour. What made me think he would sing “The times they are a changing” so I recognised it.

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