A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

The Swiss flag has been flying outside the United Nations Organisation’s Building in New York since September 2002.

Our joining was very controversial here. “What for,they don’t realize anything anyway and it will just cost money” was the most heard argument

The vision of a stable,secure, and prosperous world, won the day.

Today the United Nations Organisation reminds me of a young mother in a Supermarket who says in a kindly voice to her screaming and stamping child that has just devastated the cake shelf “Oh, but you mustn’t touch those darling”

It is obvious that the strongest of the 192 members will always be able to veto resolutions in the security council in one way or another. Russia and China have showed us again how it’s done.

What has Switzerland gained from joining the UNO?

The UNO Headquarters in Geneva employ 1600 people,and service 8000 meetings a year.

And with our flag flying outside the UNO building in New York people now think it houses the Red Cross.


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