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The Battle of Bern” was the heading on half of the front page of a Swiss Sunday newspaper today. The other half was taken up with how a “Music Star ” described his 24 hours in prison after running amok and driving a large black Mercedes into the entrance hall of the head offices of a media giant. Not everymans Sunday literature. Other newspapers reported that something happened in Bern yesterday which nobody thought possible in this democratic, secure and peace seeking country. The followers of the Swiss Peoples Party (SVP) and their figurehead, Minister of Justice,Dr Stephan Blocher holding an election rally in Bern yesterday ( according to the police, at least 10,000 people) were confronted by over 500 left wing radicals, burning and vandalising anything that they came upon. Their Guerrilla warfare tactics in the narrow, and many cornered streets of the old part of the City were apparently to much for the police who to the public eye failed miserably. Where were they all?
It is by no means a fair election campaign which the Swiss political parties are running for seats in our Parliament. It has a lot to do with disillusion. It has a lot to do with the aims of theSVP (Swiss Peoples Party) It has a lot to do with Cristoph Blocher and his clean up Switzerland ideas which to some are logical, for some too hard, to others inhuman, and to a few downright fascist.

Yesterday, some people wanted to give their opinion, but like at the World Economic Forum in Davos, went about it in the wrong way. That wasn’t Swiss Democracy, that wasn’t even adult , and we are ashamed.

It will make people talk, it will make people think, both here and abroad.

I think it will be better than any SVP poster up till now, and Dr Blocher must be rubbing his hands together in glee.


Comments on: "“The Battle of Bern”and the Swiss Civil War" (1)

  1. Yes, I am sure he loves this publicity that plays right into his his hands (conspiracy theory? – just kidding, Switzerland isn’t the States – yet). I also hope that the voting population is smart enough to realise that a handful of idiots don’t make up the opposition.

    Time to get the real youth involved.

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