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The Bad Boys

If I see films of them while I’m in the company of Swiss friends I’m not too sure whether I want to cringe in shame or be intensely proud of the skinny wrinkly,old men jumping up and down on the stage.

A couple of them have been doing it for the last forty five years and they still haven’t had enough.

Yesterday they filled a stadium in Lausanne which holds 41,000 people. Rock Bands came and Rock Bands went,but the bad boys stayed.

I saw them once at the Marquee in Soho but at that time nobody really new who they were. Later I preferred their music to that of their rivals, but didn’t admit it to my friends.

I give you, the Rolling Stones.

and as an afterthought their girlfriend Marianne Faithfull,who after a turbulent life could very well be nominated for an Academy Award next year.


Comments on: "The Bad Boys" (3)

  1. Sadly, they are one of the few bands I haven’t seen live. I’m told you can still see them live, but going by recent pictures, I’m not all that so sure.

  2. Yes I think people will have to hurry.The critics were’nt very kind either,something about old men doing gymnastics on the stage. Hmm. They might be looking around for a retirement home here. they apparently spent two days staying with a friend in Montreaux which is very unusual for them.

  3. Do you think that they each have portraits in the closets that look even worse than they do? Hard to imagine, I realize.


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