A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?


To all and sundry near and far

F. Christmas in particular.

I want some crackers and I want some candy,

I think a box of chocolates would come in handy.

I dont mind oranges,

I do like nuts,

And I should like a pocket knife that really cuts.




from” King John’s Christmas.


King John of course had never heard of Swiss Army Knives or he might have been more explicit

I have, and apart from the obligation as a Swiss Citizen to own one ( I mean an original one ) I know too that they are the best.  That’s why I certainly will be taking one along on my trip.

But there is a snag attached to them,and that is they have got something against women.

Sometimes we might like to have longer nails as men and sometimes even paint them.

But you have to chose between opening your knife and keeping your finger nails intact.


O.K. So not all women are Swiss Army Officers,but sometimes we would like to use one.













Comments on: "Swiss Army Officers’ Pen Knives" (3)

  1. You know, you are so right, it’s a royal pain opening those things with finger nails. I think you should write the dear company and tell them that they should come up with a design for the modern female backpacker….. what is there to loose?

  2. Always keep mine in the desk drawer. Couldn’t do without it. Even stopped biting my nails so I could open it.
    Or was that because I grew up and gave up childish habits?
    Still, I can get into it now.

  3. Glad about that.So with nails or without they can pose a problem.Maybe we should all buy the latest addition to the Victorinox family. It was voted “Knife of the year 2007″ and is called.”Rescue Tool” In their website is a clip on it’s use,suggest you take a peek.

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