A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

The start of my Asian Odyssey is slowly nearing.

I can’t back out of it now without losing face.Not that I want to,I’m really looking forward to the new experience.There are just some days when the little voice inside of me asks if I haven’t perhaps bitten off more than I can chew.

Already I have sworn never to open a travel guide again until I reach Bangkok on the 23rd,and then just purely for reference purposes. To read all the well meant tips is enough to give any woman nightmares.

The problem is,it is completely the wrong time of year to visit south east Asia,and poses a question on what to take with me.

As readers of past posts of mine will know I’m supposed to be backpacking. The Rucksack is now one with wheels and the volume it should hold is increasing daily.

I was never in the Girl Guides but a motto of mine is definitely “Be prepared”. Especially when you are travelling.

I remember after sitting for hours at an airport gate in Saigon on way to Singapore, watching (sorry) an American businessman completely loose his calm when we were told at last we would have to spend the night at a hotel. It wasn’t that he would miss his meeting in NYC, it was because he didn’t have a clean white shirt in his hand luggage to wear to the next one.

Usually I have things in my luggage,hand or otherwise, for every occasion,and at times I have been very glad of it.

The packing experts say we should never take more than we can carry comfortably for a distance of two blocks, but with weather conditions in the north of Thailand I might even need my Wellingtons. Then of course it might not rain continually and so my once so lovely red hiking shoes might be the the shoes to have up in the golden triangle, except they do tend to give me blisters. I could fall back on myTeva’s although I might get very dirty feet. My Crocs might be useful and I could also wear them on rocky beaches. Naturally I need a pair of decent looking flat sandals so I don’t seem too much like a tourist when I’m walking around on town streets.

And of course I will be staying three days in Bangkok- someone might just ask me to have dinner at “The Oriental”. Maybe my Ferragamo heels should come along too.

So I do have shoes for every occasion, it’s just that there is no room for clothes.!

Sometimes I’d like to be a man.I’m sure they don’t have these problems.


Comments on: "Be prepared for Asia" (3)

  1. asiainfo said:

    i like how u sums up the distress in packing for a trip.. when i travel my companions always comment that im ready for any world event that comes my way! hahaha! i think women should petition the airports to increase the alloted luggage weights for females! hmm but i bet that wont be enough as well! hehehe! i think i pay more on overbaggage fees than the actual purchases i had on a given country!
    hope to hear more of your asian adventure! enjy the idiosyncraziness of my home!

  2. Thankyou for looking in.More weight allowance for women,thats quite a good idea,but then you’re right it might pose other problems for us.I just wish they would weigh the carry on baggage of businessmen.When I see what they take with them on the first flight from Zürich to London I flip out,there is never room for my Harrods bags on the return flight.Grin.
    I’m sure I will enjoy myself in Asia.

  3. asiainfo said:

    hmmm i think they should give allowances to our make up kit and all those vanity stuffs! Women cant seem to have enough of it… hahhaha! i guess anywhere in the world something is constant! women are born to be goddess and be pretty! hahhaha! but i think another thing is constant.. a genuine smile can win any citizen of a country.. so dont forget to bring that! hehhehe and im sure the asian men will be won over.. Happy trip!

    I try to keep smiling all the time. Hope it will win the Taxi Drivers over,they are the ones I worry about.

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