A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

A friend of mine has just called me to ask what kind of a day we had yesterday.Yesterday being the 1st of August, and the Swiss National Holiday.

It is celebrated by parties , speeches , bonfires, and fireworks.

The bonfires commemorate the fires that were lit on the hills of Helvetia on the first of August 1291 to spread the news of the joining together of the first three states in the country we now know as Switzerland .

I like the parties, the speeches range from conscience pricking to downright boring,they are usually political and their aim of course is to make us truly grateful that we live here, because the rest of the world wish they did.

And then we get to the Fireworks-and that was why my friend called me. They have a very loving and docile (towards the people she knows) German Shepherd dog called Astra,but on August 1st, like many cats and dogs in Switzerland she goes berserk because of the fireworks. Most people like to watch the fireworks, but that is at night. Here a lot of kids or otherwise think it’s fun to set off those loud ones during the day, and all day. You can imagine how it affects the animals.

Toward evening my friend and her husband decided Astra couldn’t take it any longer,so they packed their rucksacks and made for the mountains, at least there Astra would have some peace and they would celebrate the rest of the national day alone.

Alone, don’t you believe it. My friends are good hikers and climbers but so are a lot of others here and they had brought along their fireworks.

Astra? Well she really saw stars that night. My friends husband thought he could try giving her a nip of the hard stuff as a sedative, just a little of course,but Astra loved the taste and couldn’t enough of it.!!!

Didn’t a well known Scottish Whiskey firm use two black and white Highland Terriers as a logo? Maybe they still do.
Maybe someone would like to borrow a German Shepherd.

Next year I’m going to give some to Dominic von Tribo.


Comments on: "Another use for Whiskey." (1)

  1. Oh my….. poor Domi, he looks bad enough without the ‘Kater’……. 🙂

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