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I don’t really know what I’ve got against bikers. (Cyclists)
It’s not that I can’t ride a bike.The first bike I had was a lovely shiny blue Triumph.

I still remember coming downstairs on a cold Christmas morning to find it propped against the wall. I was six years old, going on seven. It was the only new bike I ever had,all the rest were second hand and painted over in a not so shiny black by my father who said I was growing so quickly he couldn’t afford new ones. I suspected though it was for the same reason that he repaired the shoes I wore to school with leather soles half an inch thick. They looked like clogs and I don’t think I ever got over the shame of it. That’s why I’ve got a bit of a fetish about them today and own more than thirty pairs.

I don’t own a bike,but I am thinking of buying one,purely for enjoyment purposes of course.

It would have to be a Miss Marples type of bike, you know those stiff back type ones with a wicker basket up front for the dog. You can almost imagine the rider sitting side saddle on it if it were possible to turn the peddles in that position.

It definitely would not be a racing bike, because I’ve got something against these, or rather the people who ride them. At least the ones in Switzerland, elsewhere bikers may be different?

First of all I see no need for the fancy uniform (Headgear excluded). I have no inclination to look like a bird of paradise if I’m only riding a couple of kilometers.

But it’s the impression that these athletes or otherwise leave on me,that makes me dislike them in general.
That is, that they think they are the Kings or Queens of the road.

The highway code is not for them, nor is a red light or speed limit. That a motorist or pedestrian might have right of way doesn’t concern them, no their credo is “I’m alright Jack”.
In Switzerland billions of francs have been spent building cycling ways parallel to the main roads ,elaborate wide paths half the width of the roads .(normal roads were too dangerous for them.) They are empty and the bikers are still on the roads.!!!

On the way home today I nearly had two accidents,and saw a woman almost run over on a pedestrian crossing because of people on bikes. (I suppose there is need for the colourful get up,at least we can see them.
I ask myself where the police are? Out fining motorists ,or training on their racing bikes.


Comments on: "Bikers,What I really mean are Cyclists" (10)

  1. I like the Miss Marple reference. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Thankyou.I love her,especially Margaret Rutherfords interpretation. I take it you are one of my “Bikers”

  3. Hey there…. was thinking of getting a new bike myself…
    Not sure what style though…. still seem to be battling personality issues, athletic or intellectual or maybe even artsy? Madame Curie used to love her bike rides…… not quite Miss Marple but hey ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  4. Scientifically Rive Gauche might be something for me too as I feel I might need some sort of engine in Switzerland.

  5. Margaret Rutherford was a wonderful Miss Marple, but I must say that my all time favorite remains Joan Hickson. I really think she is the definitive Miss Marple, just as David Suchet was the definitive Hercule Poirot, and Jeremy Brett was the definitive Sherlock Holmes.

    And no, I’m not a biker. I like a roof over my head when I drive. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Wow,you do you know your British actors.I still prefer Margret R.but I’ll agree about the others.
    Realise now I should have written cyclist. I definately prefer a roof over my head too although have nothing against the four wheeled conveyance where the roof can be lowered. Thankyou for including me in your blogroll.Do you have anything against including you in mine.?

  7. Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

  8. These retro’s look really modern.Miss Marples’bike was the style that came after the “Penny Farthing”

  9. steverequiem said:

    Here in DC, they fine cyclists for reckless biking. Satisfies me to no end when I see a cyclist pulled over for running through a stop sign or red light, or just twisting in and out of lanes of traffic.

  10. Hi Steve,thanks for looking in.
    Wish I could get that kind of satisfaction here.Police are so busy thinking of where they can hide to catch motorists that they don’t see the cyclists.

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