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Fifteen years ago,15,000 yellow rubber ducks fell from a Japanese freighter in the north Pacific.

They were left to brave wind, waves, and icebergs. According to experts on ocean currents their odysee should be stopped any time now by Britain where they would be washed up on the shores.

The news today is that at least one has arrived and was found by an English schoolteacher while she was walking with her dog on a beach in North Devon.

The little duck was already white and brittle,and had endured an estimated 17,000 sea miles.

As a collectors item it is apparently worth GB£1,000.


Comments on: "Yellow rubber duck Odysee" (1)

  1. Another thing that they are thinking will fetch lots of money as a collector’s item are Harry Potter books with printing mistakes, i.e. the last 30 pages missing….. people are weird.

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