A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

The spying game


When I had time to spare my favourite reading to pass that time were books featuring spies. John le Carré being my absolute master of the game.

He of course knows what he is talking about having been educated within the ancient walls that housed,Burgess and Maclean,not forgetting Kim Philby.

The cold war ended, nobody wrote about spies anymore,what for, we were all buddies now, and even I went to Russia.

I sat in an Aeroflot plane on the runway at St Petersberg the night before new years eve just after the “opening” and saw out of the window, Russian soldiers in their long greatcoats with the collars turned up against the cold. On their fur hats the small red stars still shone- and I got goose pimples.
John le Carré found other themes, and Kim Philby got a State Burial in Moscow. Absolute friends.

A Brit friendly Russian was murdered in London,and two diplomats were sent home.

The British Embassy in Moscow are running short of staff this week too, and I’m eagerly awaiting a new spy book.


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