A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

I have loved them as long as I can remember them,those little yellow toy ducks with their red painted beaks.

Probably I had one in my galvanised metal bathtub but that’s a long time ago.Can’t recollect the duck, just the tub, that was used inside as bathtub outside as swimming pool when it got hot in summer.But somehow they fitted together ,and when my children were able to sit in a bath,they had a little yellow yellow ducks too, naturally they didn’t have much swimming space Fisher Price had arrived on the scene.

Years later,the children had long gone, our neighbours asked us to the party they were having to celebrate the finishing of their new designer bathroom.The question then was, what shall we take with us. Suddenly yellow ducks came to mind and off I go to Zürich to see if they were still being made.I hadn’t seen any for years.

Luckily I like shopping or I would have given up long before I found them in a shop I wouldn’t have expected to sell things like that. A family of yellow rubber ducks.

A lot of water has since run out of the new bath, and our neighbours have now built a lovely pond in their garden with swimming pool dimensions. I admire it every day as we overlook it from our terrace.Feel almost as if it’s mine as I’ve always wanted one,but my husband isn’t too thrilled at the thought of frogs.

You can imagine how I felt when I went outside the other day and saw a family of yellow ducks swimming on it.


Comments on: "Ode to yellow ducks" (5)

  1. This is such a cute post!

    Enjoyed reading it . . . . 🙂

  2. Doesn’t have the depth of your writing but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes the simple things in life can be equally rewarding.

    Thanks for looking in.Diru

  3. You won’t believe this, was at the check out counter of our grocery store two days ago and saw lying in the basket the previous customer left behind a family of yellow rubber ducks! Guess they didn’t feel they really wanted them. Almost bought them. Should have really…..
    Great post!

  4. According to a Sunday paper there are quite a few of these ducks swimming round the world.Apparently a Japanese freighter lost crates of them a while back.A world wide currents expert say’s they should land on Blighty’s shores any time now. At the same time green rubber frogs were lost too,so keep your eyes open.
    I’ll bring some Ducks over later in the year.

  5. Oh-oh, seems I better start cleaning ?

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