A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

My watercolour course has finished for the summer.No painting outside,it’s been raining in Switzerland for the last month.

But Thurgau cherries and apricots from the Valais are in season so our last lesson was devoted to painting these.

Do you all know how difficult it is to paint a cherry in Watercolour and make it look shiny?

Actually, even though self praise is no recommendation,I don’t think I made a bad job of it.(I am beginning to sound at least more like an Artist. )

My fruit did look like what they were meant to be so I feel at last I’m making some progress. Although after six lessons don’t feel my paintings are good enough for an exhibition,which they should be (damn it)

The collection of books on how to paint in my medium almost outnumber the works of art that I have finished. But then I am a theoretic.

Today I feel particularly happy because I have found a book that explains to me how I should notice what is light and dark in a subject and how to get it right on paper. Something that I have found extremely difficult.—- I have now finished my first monochrome landscape.—- And guess what, it looks good, and depth and distance seem to be correct. Next I can try something in two colours. !
For hobby painters I really recommend “Todo sobre la tecnica de la aquarela” first published by Paramon Ediciones,S.A Barcelona. Spain.   I have the German edition  and  am sure it must be available in English with a title like ‘Everything about the technique of watercolour’. It reallyhas answered a lot of my questions.

So I won’t give up because of the sheer frustration in the  search for perfection. I have found help,and guess what there is even a page that shows you how to make Willow trees look like Willow trees and not cricket bats.


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