A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Seem to have a kind of writers blackout at the moment.Probably brought on by the weather here in Switzerland.It seems to have been raining for weeks. I went down to Lausanne last week and it was raining there too. I feel sorry for the tourists although the ones coming from hot overseas countries find it’ refreshing’ apparently.Wish I did.

It did let off for the Zürich Festival at the weekend,and two million people fought there way in and out of the city,to hear music and dance, eat, drink and be happy.

The ‘Zuri Fäscht’ is the biggest folk festival in Switzerland.It takes place every three years and lasts from Friday till Sunday. Non stop.
Hundreds of market stalls, roundabouts and rollercoasters. Live music on sixty stages, and two oppulent firework shows and many other attractions are offered to the tax payers.

1,2 million bottles of mineral water and soft drinks,

300 000 liters of beer not counting wine and spirits were drunk
We ate

300 000 Bratwurst,200 000 Cervelat and200 000 Kebabs.

Portions of Thai,Chinese,Indian,Mexican or other world dishes weren’t counted,but I did notice that people seemed to prefer it to sausages.

Over the whole weekend 370 people had to be treated at first aid stations  for cuts, bruises and circulatory problems.

43 people drank so much that they needed medical aid.

There were the usual odd fights and on Saturday somebody was stabbed and had to be admitted to hospital. !!!
Around the clock trains ran over 72 hours.

The organisation was of course ultimately Swiss.

I think everybody enjoyed it, and there was an MMS circulating of me and a couple of other oldies dancing to Chubby Checkers ‘Lets Twist Again’ at the Hirschen Platz ! (hope nobody really saw me)

I won’t think how much rubbish was collected or how much the whole thing cost.

But at least it seemed to get rid of my malaise.


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