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The Guards

They’re changing guards at Buckingham Palace,

Christopher Robin went down with Alice,

Alice is marrying one of the guards;

A soldier’s life is terribly hard”

Says Alice.


Since this was read to me as a child I was always in awe of the Guards.Foot Guards or Horse Guards they were all the same to me.

In their brass buttoned scarlet uniforms, tin soldiers come to life.

When I’m in London I always seem to catch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace,and the words of A.A Milne’s Poem come to my mind,as does the music of “The British Grenadiers”

I haven’t seen many military parades in recent years,except what the news brings us of those in China or Russia,so it was a surprise when I saw a film of the official birthday celebrations for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth with the guards parade.

It was enough to make all those old drill Sergeants turn in their graves. What happened to the straight lines? Have I missed something,or aren’t they doing that any more on the barrack squares or is it just” Britannia rules the waves” again.

O.K I know there is more to soldiering than square bashing, and to all the members of the five guard regiments who are currently risking there lives unnecessarily in foreign fields,respect. But I remember hearing veterans of WWII saying “discipline saved lives”

Do we need it as little as we need the Guards these days?


Comments on: "The Guards" (2)

  1. Thomas said:

    my grandmother used to sing this to me when I went to bed –
    …. Rule Britannia

  2. Yes it does bring back memories doesn’t it.

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