A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?


Since my husband and I have retired we have more than enough time to travel. We would like to see more of the world and stay independent.

Maybe there are more of you out there in a similar situation.

Our idea would be to exchange our house and car for an arranged period of time with any other couple in the world who would like to exchange theirs. That way we could all save hotel costs and get to know people and country better.

We have a comfortable house and garden in a large village just outside of Zürich.The International Airport is a fifteen minute drive away.

High Alpine skiing areas are easily accessible, lower slopes and cross country close.

Whether you like hiking,swimming in nearby lakes or just sightseeing and shopping our part of Switzerland has lots to offer.

We would be pleased to hear from you.



Comments on: "House to swap in Switzerland" (3)

  1. Are you serious?
    You should put up a picture of your house.
    I’d be happy to spread the news, the internet has ways of travelling fast…..

  2. Of course.How else are we going to have a house in Samarkand.See what you can do.Glad to hear from you again.Diru
    P.S picture? how do you do that!!!

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