A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Now that I have time for myself I have started to paint again after many years.Not that I ever learnt much besides how to paint a flower in a vase during my school Art Classes, but it did get me a scholarship once to an almost unknown Art School which because of circumstances I couldn’t accept. Now I have to start at the very beginning.

Like in all things one should have aims,and set goals if you want achievement.My problem is I set my goals to high.

Last week I jokingly asked a British Artist who’s work had been turned down this year at the almost “Holy” Royal College of Art in London whether he thought I could apply next year!!! He told me in other words,that they would consider me to old. Not pliable enough.
Reach for the stars?

The Swiss Art Awards is a competition which takes place parallel to the “Art” exhibition in Basel. Experts this year judged 604 works of budding Artists. The age limit here is 40 years. After this age talent obviously isn’t possible. Even though one hears it is never to late to learn where is the helping hand that give oldies,wrinklies,groofties or whatever after the age of 50 a chance. Are we not worthy of any sort of encouragement. Are our eyes so bad that we can’t see, and our hands so shakey we can’t hold a brush.

Is it not discrimination,and when are we going to protest.?


Comments on: "Age discrimination in the Art world?" (4)

  1. Hm, wonder what Picasso would say to this?

  2. No idea,but the RCA referred to my blog yesrerday.

  3. […] there was only a snippet about anything Basel related in this post, I thought it was an interesting enough rant to […]

  4. Thanks for looking in Basel.Discrimination was of course the key word here not Art Basel.Good luck with your projects.

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