A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?


 (above picture painted by Ione Citrin, please visit her website at http://www.artbyione.com/figures.html)

I wouldn’t aspire to call myself an Artist,but could I suppose call myself a Painter, or did at least feel a bit like one this week as I painted outside (That is to say under the eye of the general public,-Joggers,Hikers,Dog and Baby Walkers) for the first time . My art teacher thought that the Lake of Pfäffikon, in the Zürich Oberland would surely inspire us. Technique i.e drawing’ know how’ according to him wasn’t essential, at least in my case as I had brought along a certain amount of knowledge in my rucksack.

So perched on my newly acquired stool I braved the elements , the public view,and not to speak of the ants that quickly found my bag which I had stupidly left lying on the ground and started sketching, only to find that because I had started in the left upper corner my focal point on the right didn’t fit on the paper any more! Who needs technique.

Eventually I did have watercolour paint on my paper and soon found out that although the hills in the background were sap green to my eyes using it on paper gave them the first row in the stalls.

At this point I became of interest to people walking by–would I mind them peeking over my shoulder?.Yes I definately would. I’m just a beginner.Come back next year it should be better by then .No I couldn’t give you art lessons.

Afterwards I realised my reaction had been completely wrong, I should have been full of praise for the mess I was making.Maybe that is the difference between a succesfull – meaning rich Artist, with a wall to himself in the Tate Modern and the others,a load of self confidence and more than a touch of the Blarney.

I’ll keep you informed of my progress and I’d be more than pleased with any coaching.


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