A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

I don’t really need to diet,but have noticed that if I eat more than1500 kcals a day I gain weight.Recently I have retired so stress and exercise which I had when working has been mostly eliminated. Because I enjoy all the things which according to the diet gurus I shouldn’t eat,—cream filled cakes,pastry,chocolate and meat and vegis only with some kind of sauce I am beginning to put on extra Kilo’s, which have to be reduced with a lot of disciplin, willpower and very small helpings of ‘healthy food’. Ugh

You can imagine what pleasure I had whenI read today over the role of food in depressive illness.

It seems that people who punish their bodies in search of a dream figure,restricting their consum of fat,-(read Cholesterol) fatty acids and sugar are doing a lot more harm than good.Reduction brings depressive moods,lowered sexual libido and sleeping problems.In fact blood analysis in suicidal Psychiatric patients showed very low Cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol produces a substance necessary in the making of the sexual hormones.Vitamin D and the substance for carrying messages to the brain.Indeed 10% to 20% of the human brain is made up of Cholesterol.It is also stimulates the reception of Serotin(the happiness hormone) without it the message from the nerve cells wouldn’t be heard.

By a strongly reduced sugar intakeTryptophan which is the forunner of Serotonin can’t get to the cells and therefore Serotin isn’t produced and the body relies Ketone bodies which are far less efficient.

This to me puts a new light on my theories on how not to gain or how to loose weight.


2 to 3 times a week eat only 200gr. of Chocalate

or 5 donuts

or any other sweet and fatty product under a 1000kcal. level.For example ice cream.

On other days normal portions of breakfast lunch and dinner.

Let’s see how we get on.


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