A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Sure as eggs are eggs as soon as the warming rays of spring sunshine warm our frozen bodies our hormones start playing havoc with us.

This manifests itself in many ways,but in the female of our species the emphasis is usually on nest cleaning and not on other birds and bees habbits.

So if you happen to reside in an area of urban housewives, especially if it’s in Switzerland, one day in early spring you will look out of the window and see at least one of your neighbours,beating her carpets in the garden -(air pollution?,never heard of it) .Or others cleaning windows, or hanging out freshly washed curtains.

This is all highly infectious . Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you consider it. I am immune to this and the only thing that really gives me a cleaning neurosis is the advent of visitors who intend to stay with us.

I love them for this. I love them anyway.
Not that my home is dirty,I do clean regularly,but I would rather be doing other things,and I put off doing the jobs that are tedious-like cleaning the oven,or the bathroom cupboards not for a rainy day but until news of visitors,and that gets me going.

I can’t waste any more time in front of this screen,I’ve just thought of something else I MUST do before next Wednesday.

My old school motto comes to mind at this point,so maybe I’ll leave it be.
Esse Quam Videri


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