A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Recently I’ve taken up painting-water colour painting to be exact.Not that I’m particularly talented,in fact I havn’t painted anything since I was in school.There I was considered good in that subject, and had fate not had a hand in it I might have spent my life in another profession. But I am still interested in art,and would like very much to be able to paint.

Of course I have to make up for lost time so I enrolled in an art class to hurry me over the initial difficulties. I even wear a shirt to protect me from the odd splash of colour which belonged to a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art in London. I’m hoping a bit of his talent might rub off on me, but up till now it hasn’t been much help.

What I have noticed is, that when I am absorbed in painting,or rather absorbed in correcting the mistakes I have made in my painting, I don’t think about time and forget that I’ve missed a meal because food is the last thing that comes into my head.

I wonder if painting could be used as a therapy for obesity?

I don’t think I have ever seen or met an overweight Artist, have you? Which is amazing considering they sit down all day,or at the most stand.

Maybe I should open a paint yourself thin studio.

It might help pay for paper and paint.


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