A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

To all my new friends and readers who might have toppled over my blog in the last months, and  wonder what has happened to Diamonds and Rust just as she was going through a phase of literary fluency I would like to say I’m back again.

No I didn’t go on holiday,or start on my Asian trip. My laptop decided he’d had enough of people messing around with him who didn’t keep to his rules or take heed of his messages, and thought using him was something like playing the piano.

At first it was just a slight sneeze,and he seemed to recover,but then he kept sending smoke signals and we all know, where there is smoke there is generally fire. Unlike the piano I found you can’t just put the lid down and start anew the following day. When a computer sneezes he definately wants to be taken seriously. (Which make me think computers might be female)

Eventually of course we had to call the doctor, one of the  Swiss ones,very competent but who he doesn’t  really care for. But he is functioning again, probably not really cured, but waiting for a checkup with his private Canadian physician when he is on this side of the Atlantic again!!!

Glad to be back.


Comments on: "Call the computer Doctor" (2)

  1. Canadian computer doctor has gotten the call and will drop by next time he’s in the neighbourhood 🙂 .

  2. Thanks,hope our insurence will cover it.

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