A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Amour fou

“Love is like the measles–all the worse when it comes late in life.”

Douglas Jerold 1803-57. Wit and Opinions 1850

I think everybody should experience once in their lives what the French call an ‘Amour fou’

The problem is of course you can’t programme the ending, you just know it will be very painful.

Maybe it will end in the Emergency Room of your local hospital. Usually on a Sunday night.( I know because I worked in them)

Or it will end by you bending down picking up the bits , and trying to fit together what is left with your life.

The second option is probably harder.

But as time passes and the lighter days follow the dark nights you can start to reflect without too much emotion- be it longing, or anger, or just that sick to your to your stomach feeling which you first had when your pet Hamster died .

And you will undoubtably come to the conclusion that it was all worthwhile.

Because between all those broken bits will be the little pleasures that you experienced. Maybe things that give you a new outlook on life,or interests that were unearthed before.

It will still hurt,and it should do. But whatever, or whoever sent it you will wish it could happen again.


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