A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Swiss again

Smoking kills

Drinking kills

Yes we have all seen the warnings printed on cigarette packets ,or put on view to us in one way or another by the media.

The message that we are all responsible for ourselves should have arrived by now. That we also have an obligation to our fellow beings will presumably take a bit longer.

Smoking in public eating places will probably be banned in the near future even in Switzerland.But then the Swiss do have a great talent in chosing a grey zone instead of pure black or white if money is likely to be lost, so nothing is certain.
I shouldn’t grumble of course, I live here, and profit (not always) by the way their minds work in Bern, but it does conflict with my old fashioned British way of thinking sometimes ,especially when it comes to sticking our necks out and standing up for what is right. ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ and all that.

Anyway to me they had done it again. I heard a few days ago that in Bern they had decided that alcohol and tobacco advertising was to be banned on state or communial owned land. Wonderfull, we do have one of the highest rates of juvenile drinking in the world.

But then came the BUT. Alcohol and tobacco advertising was to be banned on state and communial owned property BUT not on privately owned.!!!

You can make a guess at how much is in private hands here.


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