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So for all of you who know what scones are, and for those who don’t- here is a fool proof recipe.

8 ounces of Flour

4 teaspoons of baking powder

a pinch of salt

2 ounces of butter (50gr)

1 ounce of sugar (25gr)

1 ounce of sultanas

1 egg

1/8 of a pint of milk

Rub butter, flour,baking powder and salt together in a mixing bowl with fingers or mixer till resembling fine breacrumbs.

Add sugar to the above mixture..

Make well in centre and add the lightly beaten egg and milk.Mix together with rounded end of a knife to form dough.

Roll out 3/4 to an inch thick on a well floured surface.
Cut out scones with a bicuit cutter or upturned small wine glass. Dust tops with flour.
Bake on floured baking tin at 425°F or circa 21o°C for 10 minutes.

They should be well risen and light in colour .

Scones are best eaten fresh, halved. and spread thickly with clotted cream and the best rasberry or strawberry jam.

This Recipe came originally from a neighbour who was one of the best cooks in Yorkshire.


Comments on: "My Mum’s Scone Recipe" (9)

  1. See this one would be perfect with a ‘cooking’ or ‘food’ category. My chocolate post within the food category sparked lots of comments. Have guests on the weekend, should try this. Problem here is that everybody has starch or corn or whatever allergies,cooking isn’t fun anymore…..

  2. Nadia said:

    Mmmhh…this would be a perfect dessert after having a great friday lunch today at Kronenhalle 😉 But never the less I’m feeling very proud being in possession of the recipe of those absolutely perfect scones after such a long time enjoying them at home!! Now I know what to dish up for my 12 guests on March 17, 2007! Thanks a lot for announce this recipe and I do will keep it honorable as a secret 😉

  3. Nadia said:

    Just a short question…How many scones will arise from these ingredients? I’m really looking forward making them one my own for the first time in life! But I’m also quite assured that they won’t come out that superb as yours 😉 It’s the same with pancakes..

  4. Yes favourite recipes would be a good catagorie.
    The quoted amounts will make about 8,depending on size of cutter.Scones are not desert but something served with tea in the afternoon! (Is the enquires name Bucket by any chance?)

  5. stephanie said:

    um.. i think you forgot to mention adding the sugar… as i discovered when taking a huge bite out of the scrumptious looking things….

  6. Oh,you are so right.THANKYOU,I have now corrected it.Now I know why I haven’t had an overwhelming response to my foolproof recipe.
    I hope you thought of spreading the two halves with butter and putting a slice of chedder cheese and thin slice of apple in them,that might have saved the day.

  7. Me again. I’m all over these food posts, and this one is from last winter so I really do apologize. But I just found you, and may I ask what are sultanas? I’m from the US, and I haven’t heard of these.

  8. Thankyou for your encouragement. As you will have seen I’m not a cook but do enjoy being in the kitchen if I’m in the mood,and the results of cooking I’ve found, really does depend whether your heart’s in it.
    Sultanas in England are small dried Grapes,they can be light coloured or dark,for cakes,etc.I prefer the light ones. You may know of them as Raisins,but these are a bit larger and usually have seeds in them.
    Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to read your Blog?

  9. Thanks for answering me, I’m going to do some research to find out what I should use in place of Sultanes, though raisins are probably the answer. I love scones but I’ve become lazy and only make them from a recipe called Lemon Thyme Scones. They are excellent and it puts to use my lemon thyme plant. This recipe sounds lovely, though, and I’m going to try and adapt it with ingredients I have here.

    You can’t read my blog? Hmmm. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps you could get by using http://www.LifeWithBuck.com

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