A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

“Take care of the pence and the pounds will look after themselves”

William Lowndes 1652-1724

On the corner of Rennweg and Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich stands the noble Flagship store of Swiss shoes -Bally.

They are beautifull shoes,beautifully handcrafted at a beautifull price.

I am not a regular customer, but I have bought shoes there, always making the excuse that it is so difficult to find fashionable and comfortable pairs in size 41 ,and definately cheaper than Manilo’s.

A few seasons ago I managed to persuade my Husband to cross the noble threshhold.Which he wouldn’t have done had he not needed a pair of sandals in the middle of February.

A very friendly probably multilingual assistant bade us take a seat and within minutes brought us various boxes of sandals

to try. She was so quick that he didn’t have time to untie his laces before she was crouching down in front of him to help.

And then. Oh the shame of it all! Two blacked socked feet ,and two large holes in the the toes.

But today I read with some amusement,that the head of the world bank, Paul Wolfowitz on a visit to Turkey was taken to a Moschee where before entering men must remove their shoes.

And what did the removal of the shoes of one of the most powerfull men in the world reveal- two black socks with holes in the toes.

Somehow makes you feel our money is beeing well looked after.


Comments on: "How to save money" (3)

  1. Love this post. It’s so true, I wish I’d have the confidence to not care about holes in my socks, especially when exposed. I don’t even have the confidence to not care about my loved one’s holes in their socks when exposed in public!

  2. Nadia said:

    Well, if I wouldnt’t know the person as near as you do I’d certainly be a little worried about him, but in this specific case it’s just typical Daddy 😉 But rather clean black socks with a hole than dirty white tennis socks!

  3. Clean white Tennis socks would be perfect.It is of course a self confidence excercise.Maybe we can put it on the Market. Thankyou for your comments.Diru

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