A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Sometimes I do feel proud to own a nice little red passport with a white cross on it.But there have been times though when I have tried to hide it. I do hold a British passport too, and I remember beeing asked by a rather astonished secretary at the British Consulate when enquiring about a long overdue renewal, how I could have spent such a long time travelling around with the other one. As though it was really not done in the best circles. But I hadn’t always been proud of the blue and gold one-as it was in those days either.

But today I can say I am proud to have a countryman to whom it seems the whole world ,especially the sporting world respects and admires,not only because of his tennis genius,but because he has remained so unpretentious and so sincere that not even the press write a bad word about him.

He does so much for the image of Switzerland and the Swiss in the world that I don’t know how the country can thank him enough.

Congratulations Roger on winning the Australian Open.We all hope Roland Garros will be on your side.

There could be just a very small flaw in Roger Federer, which only people well informed about Switzerland will understand, and that is , it states in my little red passport that I am a citizen of Zürich and he is from Basle. But then his Mother is from South Africa so I suppose it’s not quite the same.


Comments on: "Federer does it again" (1)

  1. Federer rocks! I guess any country loves to take advantage of successful citizens….. even the press!

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