A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

Wanted to scream yesterday as I read that British Doctors on the Board of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence advise partial removal of the stomach on very overweight children.

The Institute has now published guidelines to help with the problem of obesity in the land.

No other country in Europe has such a massiv number of overweight inhabitants. In the last twentyfive years the number has apparently tripled. They are costing the land roughly guessed 4,4 Milliarden Euro in health and and economic measures, and now it’s time for everyone to try and bend down to pull their socks up.

Here I did start to scream.

Can someone please tell me, in the case of overweight children why their parents don’t feel responsible for the weight of their children. Or don’t they even feel responsible for themselves?

Can someone please tell me why firms are churning out more and more highly caloried sweet products with little nutritional value, aimed mostly at the taste buds of the younger generation and are allowed to get away with it.

Can someone please tell me why people who care for children have forgotten the word NO

Yep, you’re all right,I’m older generation,am 1m 78cm tall and weigh 59kilo. I love,Crunchie bars,Peppermint creams, Apple pie,and Magnums. But my parents could say no, and I can still say enough is enough.


Comments on: "Stomach operations for fat children." (5)

  1. Britain might be the leader but I do think that unless parents get a grip on themselves and their children, obesity will increase across the rich world. Thank God for the Nintendo Wii, at least computer games will require movement going forward!

  2. Hmmm…I agree. But I think, quite earnestly, that these days children very rarely listen to their parent’s no’s.

    As long as they have access to money, (and it is really hard cutting that out for your kids), they tend to go the invicticus way; being the master of their own fates.

  3. Thanks for looking in Narziss. Your so right,and we did the same when I think about it,but we were always left with a bad conscience as my blog today will show you.Thanks too for the idea .diru

  4. sunshineforlife said:

    Can be a solution for those who want it but should not be compulsory. I think each one is responsible for her/his own weight but for the kids — no matter what, parents could always say no and stick to it. Tell them why it’s no. Personally, i have a weight problem. am too high in carbohydrates. Just can’t control my craving. Iknow its bad and i become sooo ballooned and the only person i blamed is me. Am lazy. =)

  5. Thanks for your comment sunshine.
    I do understand craving.I’m going through a patch of it myself at the moment-usually has something to do with my personal wellbeing.Needs iron discipline to overcome it.
    Providing you are happy with your weight and it’s not causing negative problems that is OK.Children have to learn discipline.Parents have a responsibilty for their childrens health.

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