A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

I always wanted to see Berlin but didn’t make it until a couple of years ago. My visit was brought to mind again today as I read that in Niederdorf, one of Zürich’s ‘pleasure’ miles a new sausage ‘beiz’ had been opened.

Now if you have ever been to the German part of Switzerland you might know we also eat sausage, two types, Bratwurst or Cervalat – the latter you can also eat cold,but generally they are both grilled, at best over an open fire and are the staple food of any picnic or attraction being held in the open. You will find a stand selling these also in many city thoroughfares.

The new stand was apparently different in that it was selling sausages from all over the world (I wasn’t really aware that they were so popular outside of Europe) They also claimed that their Currywürst was the original with the curry in the sausage and not in the sauce over it like it is served in Germany, and for a real one Germans had to come here.

This happening is to0 late for me because I went to Berlin especially just to taste their famous sausage.That’s not quite true.I grew up during the cold war and one of my favourite books was John Le Carrè’s ‘The Spy that came in from the cold’ .So to see Berlin, The Brandenburger Gate, Checkpoint Charlie , andThe Wall, was a must. It was only years later that I also developed a culinary interest in the city.

I did the whole tourist bit of course but do you think I could find a CurryWürst stand? -not on the Ku’damm , or Unter den Linden, definately not by the Reichstag, and by the proverbial checkpoint just Kebab.

My days in Berlin were over and my quest not achieved. As usual I was at the Airport too early,and having no urge for duty free products I walked outside the building, and there- like some Fata Morgana before my eyes was an old railway carriage converted into a snack bar, and propped up against a wheel was a wooden board with Curry Würst chalked on it.

I dont think Zürichs’ will beat it.


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  1. I have never even had one 😦 . Hm…..

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