A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

The question was ‘did I know what happened to Jessica?’

Who’s Jessica you’re asking? Jessica was a bald, hard headed addition to our family, where she came from I’m not sure anymore but I surmise she had British kapok in her unruly body for a certain liking of travel must have been there,for travel she did.

There were no outings without Jessica.No train rides,no car rides,no econ0my class seats without her taking up half of it, Jessica wasn’t Barbie size.

Then it seems as suddenly as she appeared she left us again,her owner had found others in whom she could share her joys, her heartbreaks,her laughter and her tears.Real people in a grown up world. Where did you leave her.?

Height: 45cm

Weight: circa 1 kilo

Hard headed, blue eyed, soft bodied, last seen dressed in hand knitted baby clothes made lovingly byGrandma.

Has anyone out there seen Jessica.


Comments on: "Dolls, or has anyone seen Jessica?" (2)

  1. Thank you so much! I love it. And I wish I had brought Jessica. Well, I’ve got Paddington, I’ll pick up Jessica next time. She’ll need a flight soon. Or maybe she just really likes Grandma. Beautiful Post.

  2. Thankyou.She prefers BA if she has a choice

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