A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?

So we have all made it , I hope ,well into the second week in January

8 January2007.Christmas tree collection.

Today I was really reminded that the holiday’s were over because the side of the roads  in the housing areas here were lined by sad  discarded Christmas trees, their needles in various stages of  dehydration.On some, bits of tinsel were hanging on like shipwrecked sailors might hang on to pieces of flotsam. Their glory faded and like us all in this New Year awaiting a future that cannot be forseen.

I wish you all good luck in 2007

” Are you sitting comfortably?Then I’ll begin”

Julia Lang 1921-    Listen with Mother.  BBC radio programme for children 1950-1982


Comments on: "2007. Are you sitting comfortably?" (1)

  1. Love your tinsel-shipwrecked sailor image, it’s perfect. And no, I am not sitting comfortably, am waiting rather impatiently for more posts…..

    PS. Can’t believe that you – compared to me – have about a 25% of hits to your blog with only about 2% of number of posts. Think about what you could do, if you wrote more….. sell books perhaps 🙂

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