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We are forever building roads in Switzerland. Wonderfull roads, feats of Swiss civil engineering, hewn through our granite mountains,costing us billions of Swiss Francs and sometimes lives. Not that we necessarily need them,but the trucks of north, south, east and west Europe do- so that potatoes grown in the Netherlands can be taken to the south of Italy to be washed and then transported yet again to somewhere in the north of Europe to become chips. Where they are taken to for their plastic packaging I dont really know but you can be sure it’s somewhere south of the Alps.

Please note that the basis stone of our mountains is granite (I stand to be corrected by Geologists) and we have it in abundancy. Enough anyway to build roads and tunnels for a long time to come,the excavation of it also giving employment to men in areas where work is difficult to find.

Today I heard on the radio that for road building purposes in future Switzerland would be importing granite from the Peoples Republic of China.

Isn’t it a man made crazy world?


Comments on: "Crazy Swiss Alpine roads." (3)

  1. Wonder where we are going to get the fresh air from?

  2. Got here through spasmicallyperfect’s blog… this is crazy! lol.

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