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Ambulance crews

I have always ben very thankful to the men and women of the Emergency Ambulance Services.

Whether our encounters have been in my private life or in the course of my workI have always been amazed with what calm efficiency they work. What has also impressed me of course is their never failing humour which has saved many a hysterical situation, and how they always know where to set their priorities. It is just this that makes me want to relate a happening last weekend.

We had to call an Ambulance again. Because of the difficult access to the house, and inadequately sized lifts they were obliged to park on the lower road and roll the sretcher carrier with all the necessary emergency equipment up the narrow path by a field to the rear door.

It so happened that in the field there was a small herd of sheep grazing, they must have got a fright by the sudden noise,for on my way to open the doors I looked out of an upper window and couldn’t believe my eyes, for crouching in the middle of the field looking for all the world as though they were resuccitating one of the sheep were the two ambulance men.

I couldn’t refrain of course from calling out that they had got the wrong patient. At the same moment the farmer arrived on the scene and wanted to know who the hell had called them to one of his sheep!

All was explained. In their hurry to run away one of the animals had caught their head in the plastic fencing and dragged it into the field with her, the constricting bands of it wound around her neck. Once again first things first.


Comments on: "Ambulance crews" (1)

  1. Haha, a guess that’s almost like a Swiss type James Harriot.
    Thank God your home access shouldn’t cause problems for ambulance crews and therefore I gather it was work that needed the ambulance. After having realised that I had a good laugh.

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