A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?


The French have a saying;

”Partir,c’est toujours un peu mourir”

Parting is a little like dying.

This might not always be true but it seems appropiate in my case.

I am definately wondering if we survive the grave for I am parting from so many things and it hurts. But then Anthony Trollope said;

”Those who have courage to love should have courage to suffer”

Firstly my work; In a few monthes I won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore-( It did limit my social life for years)- funny though, when you can sleep in you wake up anyway. Will I miss it? I’m not sure, certain aspects certainly. The life, the drama, a few of the colleagues and of course the actors,though not all of them. Still wondering though how it would have been had I learnt something else.

Then a lifestyle; How do you end something you’ve been doing for years and start again from the beginning ( the third verse of Kiplings ‘If’ comes to my mind) with a completely new perspective. A while ago I thought it would be fun,I’m not so sure anymore.

I’m parting as well from things in my homeland which are very dear to me but havn’t been good for me and which I have held on to for too long and that is the worst of all.

But I can say like the French Sparrow- non je ne regrette rien, non rien de rien


Comments on: "Nothing" (1)

  1. Hey there,
    like the titel. ‘nothing’ sounds like a whole lot of something to me. Have to let this one marinate and think a bit more about it to comment any more.
    Have a great day, hope the weather is better on your end than here.

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