A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?


It was a usual 05.15 morning- it cant be the clock making that noise already I only went to bed minutes ago,I’ll just turn over and sleep again. I’m sure it’s my day off anyway. But it isn’t, and that nasty little voice called conscience is already sending messages to my motor neurones and before I can do anything about it I am groping for the light switch.How am I going to survive the day.

The cat has been fed,I’ve downed half a liter of coffee and eaten a sour Kiwi fruit that someone told me wakes you up in the morning and somehow I’m in the car and driving to work.

In the morning race against time in Waldfrieden I hadn’t noticed dawn breaking,but then I looked out of the windows and saw them-the diamonds. Looking down the still dark hillside into the distance there came a point were the rising mist over the lake formed what looked like a sheet of ice.On the far edge of the ice a panorama of the high alps was presenting itself like a line of chorus girls of incomparable beauty. Between the mountains and the ice a black band formed the outline of a distant town where unbelievably its lights were glittering- just like diamonds.

05.15 day,thankyou.


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