A new life at 67.Can a woman start all over again?


He was a good storyteller. As a child I was awed by the war stories,his war. He was the only one of seven men in the family who didnt experience the arenas from Dunkirk to El Allemein and probably one of the only soldiers in England that during the six years of war never left Blighty’s shores. The others didn’t tell stories.

I didn’t really question why he stayed at home,Iwas too busy listening to his encounter as a very young man with Lawrence of Arabia,or the tank training and the gunnery. His opinion of the Americans or how he happened to be very nearSouthwick House with the car and his driver prior to the Invasion.

My Mother said he would have been sent had he wanted a higher rank but he was contented with his three pips and he liked it up at Bletchley.He didn’t tell me anything about being there.

In the late fifties he took us to see a film, it was called “Carve her name with pride”.On the screen I read the Szabo cypher for the first time.

Years later I met the actress Virginia Mc Kenna and her husband,who also played in the film when their little daughter was a patient of mine.

Last year someone from the county of Hereford brought it all back to me. Was it all coincidence


Comments on: "Coincidences" (2)

  1. Love the first paragraph and the especially the last line “the others didn’t tell stories”.
    Seems as if this is only the surface of a very interesting story which could fill a book.
    Welcome to the Blog world!

  2. Thankyou smasmicallyperfect.I rather liked it myself. hope I’ll be able to unfold more.

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